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Bedroom Furniture

Buy stylish bedroom furniture including upholstered timber bedframes, chest drawers, bedside tables, ottomans, study and office furniture.

Our range of beds are beautifully designed with timber frames. They also come in either fabric or faux leather upholstery. Grey, Beige, Off-white, Black or White are the on-trend bedframe colors this season.

We have a good range of chest drawers in finishes to compliment the rest of your stylish bedroom furniture. Our chest of drawers either come in a durable glossy finish which is quite modern or are made of more higher end timber products if you prefer a more modern yet classic look.

A bedroom is incomplete with bedside tables. They are a must. Check out our range of beside tables. Similar to the chest of drawers, these come in a modern or a classic design, so you can choose your style.

The versatile Ottoman is a also a must. It is a a functional piece of furniture that can practically fit anywhere. We have a range of faux leather and fabric upholstered ottomans. We also have storage or blanket box ottomans that are also so versatile. They are a seat plus a storage place.

Study and Office Furniture aren’t pieces of furniture that you only need if you are studying or working from home these days. Creating an office or study within your bedroom, especially if you restricted by space, can be achieved if you have access to stylish, yet comfortable office furniture that will make that little space such a pleasure to be in…like a space to read your favourite book in!

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